Hi! I'm Aileen 🌼

I am a product & visual designer focused on making beautiful, empathetic designs.

UX engineering intern @ Cisco AppDynamics and previously product designer @ Justice Calendar

💼 **LinkedIn 📎 Resume**

About Me 🌟

As cheesy as it sounds, I have been an artist ever since I could remember. I started drawing lessons at 5 years old and my journey in the visuals arts took off ever since. Adjacently, I had been developing an interest in technology. In high school, I took my first coding class and realized that I wanted to connect my passions for visuals, technology, and helping others together, which is when I discovered UI/UX design.

For the past 3.5 years, I have been learning to convert user research data into designs that solve problems. I believe that good design tells the stories of its users and caters to their needs.

📍SF Bay Area and Davis, CA

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